The Federalists

"The vigor of government is essential to the security of liberty."
~Alexander Hamilton

In reaction to the proposed constitution, the Federalist group was formed.  These people advocated for The Constitution and its strong federal government.

John Adams, a Federalist, stated that the government's power would be divided so that there would be an equal distribution of power. This way, America would not end up like the monarchy of Great Britain.
The Federalists were the American people who were in favor of the proposed constitution

They were instrumental in the creation of The Constitution

Their goal was to more closely unite the states as one large continental nation

Forming a centralized national government was crucial for their idea of a perfect nation

Although there was a single government running the nation, they made sure that it would not acquire too much power and oppress its people

John Adams wrote that, "A Legislative, an Executive, and a Judicial power comprehend the whole of what is meant and understood by Government.  It is by balancing each of these Powers against the other two, that the Effort in human Nature toward Tyranny can alone be checked and restrained and any degree of Freedom preserved in The Constitution.

There would be 3 branches making up the government:

Members of each branch would be elected by the people in some way

Checks and balances made certain that no single branch would gain too much authority

This diagram shows how the 3 branches of government hold power over each other through checks and balances. This system makes it so there is little concentration of power within the federal government, but also so the federal government has the power to run the nation.
Concerning the Bill of Rights, Federalists did not feel that it was necessary

They believed The Constitution already protected people's rights

They thought that there was no need to state laws or rights that were already in existence 

The Constitution already had protected rights with things such as:

  • Habeas Corpus (not being imprisoned without a trial)
  • Not having "ex post facto laws" (being punished for something that wasn't illegal at the time)
  • Not having the government consist entirely of nobles (no aristocracy)